On May 8th, the Holy Spirit had me write an article called "Corona Virus Is Decreasing." In this article, Jesus gave us 4 prophecies.

UPDATE November 19, 2020: The COVID mortality rate is .0001 and the deaths have decreased since the original post. See the Covid results here:

On May 8th, The Holy Spirit had me write an article called: "Corona Virus Is Decreasing."

In this article, Jesus gave us 4 prophecies:

  1. The virus is decreasing.
  2. The virus will end soon.
  3. Normality will still take a few more months.
  4. In November, the virus will be a distant memory for some.

Three of the four prophecies are being fulfilled as I speak.

  • The United States cases have dropped significantly and all 50 states are in the process of reopening.
  • Japan is reopening bars and restaurants due to low numbers.
  • England's cases on May 8th were 4,649 and dropped to 2,959 yesterday.
  • Israel's cases on May 8th were 55 and dropped to 14 yesterday.
  • Italy's cases on May 8th were 1,327 and dropped to 669 yesterday.

This is just a small sample, but many other countries are successfully overcoming the Corona Virus just as Jesus said they would.

The Holy Spirit adds:

"My People, can't you see that I AM right? I AM boastful for I AM The LORD your God.

I only say and do the right things.

Come to Me and listen to Me for I will guide and guard you well. I will do great things for you, for I AM always right.

I AM truth. I walk in truth and in the light for I AM those things.

Watch how I will take care of you and watch over you.

Nothing can harm Me or hurt Me for I AM God.

Seek Me and I will reward you for I love you with all of My Heart."

~ Travis Coffey