Jesus has made it clear that He wants His people to fast.

Matthew 6:18 deals with fasting. It says:

"so that it will not be obvious to others that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you," (emphasis added).

Jesus has made it clear that He wants His people to fast.

It can be quite easy to do for there are a variety of options in which to fast. You can fast with food, entertainment, hobbies, or practically anything else. But the purpose of fasting is not to say you did it and check off a box!

The purpose of fasting, is to get closer to Jesus.

What is the thing that hinders you from spending time with Him? That may be wise to fast from that certain thing.

The Holy Spirit says:

"Listen My People for I AM not happy. I want you to fast.

Why aren't you doing this?

For those that are - great job. I AM proud of you and My Face smiles upon you.

For those who are not - you need to grow up! Stop acting like a child and come to Me.

You know you are suppose to fast, but you are not doing it. Didn't I talk about it in Scripture?

Did I not have My fellow worshipers fast when I went to be with the Father?

Didn't I fast to show you that it was important?

You do not have an excuse. Please fast, My People!

I AM not trying to be harsh or rude with you, but I want you to understand this.

Fasting is important to Me.

I desire for you to be with Me. I love your presence. I love when you talk to Me. I love when you come to Me with tears or with a smile on your face.

I love to hear you whispered prayers to Me in your pillow. I love to hear you sing loudly to Me in your car or in your room. I love to hear your heartbeat when you speak of your Godly desires to Me.

I love everything about you.

Am I crazy for you? Of course.

Now come to Me and worship - and oh yeah, fast as well!"

~ Travis Coffey