The LORD says, "I want you to go into these end times with full confidence, although you don't know everything - and that's okay."

Jesus wants to see your faith.

Circumcision was one of the ways the Israelites would show their faithfulness to God. Today, God is still requiring His people to show what they believe in.

Romans 4:22 talks about this as it says:

"And he is then also the father of the circumcised who not only are circumcised but who also follow in the footsteps of the faith that our father Abraham had before he was circumcised."

Through The Holy Spirit:

"Listen My People for when I speak, I speak of important things.

I want you to go into these end times with full confidence, although you don't know everything - and that's okay.

I want you to have full confidence in Me.

Did you know that if you have any fear in the end times, then you aren't thinking straight and believing right?

Listen My People - have faith. Walk in faith.

You should not be afraid unless you don't follow Me... then you will be more afraid than ever before.. things you have never experienced before.

But listen My People, have faith in what is to come.

Will bad things happen? Yes of course - for I planned for that to happen.

Will some of you lose jobs and money? Yes of course.

Will some of you lose your life? Yes of course, for I planned that as well.

Do not see the end times as a bad thing for it is not bad. I AM collecting My People to be with Me.

Heaven is the end goal - not Earth. Don't get so focused on Earth that you forget about being with Me in heaven forever.

Do you now understand? Bad things aren't bad in the view of eternity.

All the pain and struggles will be worth it for I will bless you greatly.

And it's not all bad. Some of you won't be impacted as much as others. You won't lose money and house and other things.

But regardless, do not worry for I AM here and I will lead you and guide you in all things.

If you lose your house, rejoice! For I have something better for you.

If you lose your life, rejoice! For you will be with Me.

Don't let the end times scare you, for I know many of you are scared.

There will be lots of bad, but lots of good. Do NOT get caught up in all the little details for it may not be good for you. Be knowledgeable about what is to come, but don't live in fear.

Lots of good will happen to those who trust Me and love Me in the end times.

Does that make sense My Son and Daughter?

If not, then come to Me and speak to Me. This is a hard topic to speak to the majority..

Come to Me and I will make it clear for you and give you the answer you need.

I love you.

Come quickly to Me."

~ Travis Coffey