Heaven is celebrating the wisdom and power of Jesus Christ

The enemy is strongly pushing satan's agenda throughout the world. Inflation, high gas prices, war, sickness, promotion of sexual immorality, and much more.

The Earth is in trouble, but Heaven is not.

The Earth is trembling, but Heaven is celebrating.

Right now people in Heaven are having a party - singing, dancing, smiling, laughing, and praising the Holy One. But why would they be celebrating if Earth is filled with evil? For they know Jesus will succeed in all that He does when He decides to act.

Fix your eyes upon Jesus and you will become like those currently living in Heaven - without fear and full of His love. Your discouragement will decrease and your hope will increase.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, there is a war going on and there are many evils today.

This is not My Will, but someday my Good and Perfect Will be completed.

Do not look at the smoke and fire and be terrified, but look at the fire of God and the smokey cloud of praise that is rising over Me. For I am Lord and I am King. I will do big, great, and mighty things. Believe that. Hold that in your heart for if you only look at the evil around you, you will get discouraged.

Fear not, for I am here and great things will happen when I decide to act. Repent now and be with Me for time is short."

~Travis Coffey~