Jesus wants to move in your life, but for many, there is a blockage between you and Him.

Jesus wants to move in your life.

He wants to act and move in your life in bigger ways, however there is a blockage for many believers. The blockage is lack of time in His presence.

The Holy Spirit showed me Jesus standing up off of His throne because He wants to do specific things in your life.

Then the Holy Spirit showed me the evil going on in the world to Christians, such as murder.
Then piecing these two pictures together, the Lord revealed the disconnect:
He wants to help, but we are slow in receiving His guidance.

Why? Lack of time spent in His presence.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, it is now time to seek the Lord. For I am waiting on you as I want to move mightily in your life.

For some, put down your Bible for you are only being puffed up. Spend time with Me. Spend every moment with Me. It is not about knowledge as it is first about being with Me!

Knowledge is important, but being with Me is the first priority.

Spend time with me and crave My attention. Be ready for I will be moving in greater ways in your life when this happens.

I love My people and I want to see great things happen in your life."

~Travis Coffey