The Holy Spirit says "When people reject the idea of demons in their life... they perish for their lack of knowledge

What is the benefit of knowing about demons? Why should we pay attention to them?

Here are two reasons:

1) The Holy Spirit says "When people reject the idea of demons in their life, then they come to Me and focus on Me, which I love, but I begin to explain to them demonic issues that have risen in their life and they do not comprehend.

They perish for their lack of knowledge."

2) You can efficiently do what Jesus called you to do, if you partner with Him to remove and overcome demons in your life

Some quick notes on our enemy:

Who are demons?

They are spirits who are under the authority of Satan. Jesus explains this in Mark 3:23-27.

Why do demons hate you?

They cannot go to Heaven. They will go to hell because they cannot be redeemed. They hate you because you have the choice to go to Heaven and they do not have a choice.

What do demons want to do?

Their main goal is to take you away from God and into Hell.

How do demons accomplish that?

They want to live in your body. The Bible says it is "home" for them when they can live within you. And demons are not comfortable outside of a body as it brings them no "rest."

Matthew 12:43-44

"When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, 'I will return to my house from which I came.'"

The Holy Spirit says:

"The enemy wants to destroy all good things and all I have done in your life.

You must partner with Me and work with Me so you may be victorious.

This is not something I urge you to do. This is a command.

You are to follow your General for you are in a battle. Let Me help you!

I want to see you flourish and prosper for you are My people.

I have known you since the beginning and My love spreads over you. You are precious in My sight. You are holy in My sight.

Now come to Me and learn how to overtake the enemy and become successful in the spiritual realm. It is vital for your health."

~Travis Coffey