The Bible talks about demons a LOT to make a point - Jesus wants you to live in freedom.

Many say: I follow Jesus, listen to worship music, and read the Bible. Why should I care about demons when all of my focus is on Jesus?

The Bible talks about demons a LOT to make a point - Jesus wants you to live in freedom.

Here are just some New Testament verses on the demonic realm. And notice how often the enemy is mentioned.

Acts 16 - Paul casted out a demon of a girl

1 Thessalonians 2:18 - Paul wanted to visit a church but Satan and his demons hindered them from doing so.

Mark 1:13 Jesus was face to face with Satan and demons in the wilderness for over a month

Mark 1:25 Jesus casted out a demon by someone attending a worship service

Mark 1:34 Jesus casted out "many demons" when people showed up at his door

Mark 1:39 Jesus casted out demons in every synagogue in Galilee

Mark 3:11 Demons tell Jesus He is the Son of God

Mark 3:15 Jesus appointed 12 disciples "to cast out demons"

Mark 3:27 Jesus taught the importance of binding the strongest demon in a person

Mark 5:8 Jesus traveled by boat to cast demons out of one man. After Jesus casted out demons from this man, He went back into his boat to leave. Jesus cared so much about freedom He made one trip across the lake to cast out demons.

Mark 6:7,12 Jesus had his disciples go out two by two to cast out demons. The disciples casted out "many demons"

Mark 7:29 Jesus casted out a demon out of a girl when the Greek mother begged Him

Mark 8:33 Peter disagreed with Jesus and Jesus referred to the issue as spiritual. Jesus said "Get behind me, Satan!"

Mark 9:25 Jesus casted a deaf and dumb demon out of a boy

Mark 9:29 Jesus gave His disciples advice on different deliverance techniques

Mark 9:39 Jesus calls deliverance "a miracle"

Mark 13:8 Jesus talks about the kingdom of Satan coming against the kingdom of God in the last days

Mark 16:17 Jesus said believers will cast out demons

John 10:10 Jesus says demons motives are to steak, kill, and destroy

Luke 10:1 Jesus appointed 70 people to cast demons out of "every city and place" where He was going to go

Luke 10:17 The 70 returned happy because they successful casted out demons

Luke 10:18 Jesus said He saw Satan fall from Heaven

Luke 10:19 Jesus said His followers have power and authority over Satan and demons

Luke 10:20 Jesus reiterated that His followers are more powerful than demons

1 Peter 5:8 Believers are told Satan and demons are wanting to devour them like a lion

2 Corinthians 2:11 Paul says we know the schemes of Satan and demons

James 4:7 Believers are told to resist the Devil

Ephesians 4:27 Paul says do not give the Devil an open door into your life

Ephesians 6:12 Paul says issues are from the kingdom of Satan

John 14:30 Jesus calls Satan the ruler of this world

The Holy Spirit says:

"Notice My people how often demons are mentioned.

This is for a purpose to show you the struggle you have here on Earth.

This is not a game.

You must do something about these creatures or they will hinder you from all that I have for you.

Do not say, "it is no big deal" for it is a big deal. I came to defeat the works of the enemy and set the captives free.

What would you like to do- be free or be bound?

Allow Me to work with you as we get rid of demons and I open you up to heavenly things.

I have much in store for those who listen to My word and do as I say."

~Travis Coffey