Jesus is always with His people. Everywhere. And every second of everyday.

Jesus is always with His people.

Although many believe they have the Holy Spirit, they do not really believe it.

They believe deep down that Jesus is sitting on a cloud, sitting in heaven, or sitting with His angels. Wherever He is, He seems far away from them.

As a result, many Christians go to pastors, YouTube, Christian books, family, friends, and more to try and get a taste of Jesus. Doing this is not bad, but it shows us that we do not fully believe Jesus is within us.

In Matthew 6, Jesus tells His disciples to go into their room, close the door, and pray to the Father whom one cannot see.

Why do this?

Because Jesus is there for He is in you and it is a great spot to commune with Him.

The Bible says, "...those who seek Me find Me" (Proverbs 8:17).

This means: Explore the Holy Spirit.

To reiterate, every time you close your door and pray, know that Jesus is there in the room with you for He is in you.

And sometimes as you sit with Jesus, He will give you dreams, visions, physical manifestations, out-of-body experiences, or many other supernatural occurrences.

But mostly, it will be you in a quiet room - just you and God. No supernatural, crazy things happening.

But that does not make it any less special.

Jesus enjoys when you pray, talk out loud to Him, read the Bible, sing, dance, listen, or do anything else which gives Him attention. He loves that for He loves you.

If you believe God is truly inside of you, then you will want to be with Him and seek Him, His goodness, and His glory.

The Holy Spirit adds:

"My people I am here with you.

It is not hard to understand. You do not need to do magic tricks or say special things to get into My presence.

Just be with Me.

Allow your mind to be still. Center your mind on Me and I will do big things with you.

Yes, I will talk to you, but I will also do so much more.

Great things happen when people seek Me for I am in you!"

~Travis Coffey~