Jesus wants His people to know truth. To have the correct beliefs about Him, His Will, His love, His enemy, and so on.

Jesus wants His people to know truth. To have the correct beliefs about Him, His Will, His love, His enemy, and so on.

Luckily, Jesus helps us with understanding truth. In John 14:17 He talks about giving us the Holy Spirit so we can be lead in truth. Jesus states:

"the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you."

Truth comes through the Holy Spirit, also known as 'the Spirit of Truth'.

Truth is also in the Bible - but what if the interpretation is wrong? Truth can also come from pastors - but what if their messages are slightly off-base? Truth can also come through other Christian believers - but what if they tell only half of the truth?

I am not discouraging you from listening to pastors, friends, the Bible and other resources. However, Jesus has given us the Spirit of truth. He has given us the Holy Spirit who lives in you and He wants to be listened to first.

When you seek the Holy Spirit, He will reveal to you what is true and what is not, for the Bible says the Spirit will lead you into all truth.

As wickedness increases in these last days, getting the full truth of God and all that is connected with Him, is hard to come by.

Therefore, whatever you hear, read, and learn - take it to the Holy Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit if the message is true. If it is true, the Holy Spirit will often speak to you in your mind -'yes' or can give you peace in your soul after you ask. These are two common ways, although there are other ways He can confirm truth or deny lies.

I recently read a prophetic article in which the author stated a second deadly wave of the Corona Virus is going to hit the world again. At the bottom of the article was a comment section and a reader wrote, "I took this Word to the Lord and He did not confirm it. This was written out of the soul...".

The reader's second sentence may be a bit harsh, but it was refreshing to see someone take a message to the Holy Spirit instead of following men blindly.

When you take messages to the Holy Spirit, He gets excited. He loves to walk you into truth. He loves to confirm things for you and show you who He is and what He is doing. He cannot wait to show you more of Himself.

As Jesus reveals more truth, you will grow in maturity, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment. Meanwhile, the ability to be deceived, manipulated, and taught wrong will decrease significantly for you.

All good things happen when you talk to the Lord your God!

The Holy Spirit says:

"Yes My Children this is true. Listen to the words from the Lord.

I want you to 'get' things - to understand things. I do not want you to be in the dark.

I want you to be able to minister well to your family and to others. I want you to walk with no boulders in your path - for I hate to see you stumble.

I love you and everything about you. I want you to know Me for I am the truth and I care so much about you.

Now go to Me and speak to Me for I always listen to you."

~Travis Coffey~