Jesus and His Love were going after the hearts of men to rescue them back to Him.

Jesus wanted to die.

But some point to Jesus in the garden and say, "Look He was terrified of dying." However, that is not true. Jesus wanted to die, but He did not want to be separated from His Father.

Jesus was excited to come to Earth and die.


1. He is love

Jesus is love and we know from 1 Corinthians 13 that love is not self-seeking.  Jesus and His Love were going after the hearts of men to rescue them back to Him.

2. It was the Will of God

God always does what He wants to do - He is God after all. No one tells Him what to do. He decides to do something and He does it. So, God would not plan the death of Jesus if He did not want to do it.

3. We are brought back to God

Through Christ's death, we are redeemed through His blood.

Jesus says:

"My people, I am a man but I am also God. I was here with the Father since the foundation of time. I was always here and I was never created. I and the Father are one - just as I want you and I to be one.

The joy of coming to Earth and dying for My people was a blessing to Me. I was richly blessed to be able to die for My people. I greatly enjoyed it for it made me a Savior. I love being a Savior!

I was not upset to come down to Earth and deal with what men have to deal with. It was not a burden for Me, but a great honor.

I enjoyed my time on Earth for I love My people.

I am not worried and scared. That is not a quality of mine. So I was not worried or scared about the cross. In fact, I looked forward to it! I even rebuked Peter for he tried to get Me away from the cross.

I love My people and I will do anything for them. I love them more than they know. They are My people and I am their God. I love them greatly and it was for My great honor that I got to die for them.

I am richly blessed to be their God and for them to be My people. I love who I am and I love My life. I can give it and many can receive it.

I have "it made" here in heaven. Everything is great and wonderful and I am with many of My people. But I am also in the hearts of men on Earth and I still have work to do. I am greatly enjoying saving men and bringing them here with Me to the Father.

We are enjoying - partying even - about the great things I have done. Don't you think I enjoy that? Of course I do.

Great things are happening My people. Many are being saved and there are still many left to be saved. I am not done yet. The end is near, but we are not quite there. There is still more work I have to do.

Hold on - for the world will have trouble in these last days, but do not worry for your Lord your God loves you and loves to be with you.

I am here. Forever and always."

~Travis Coffey~