The world hates you because you belong to Jesus.

The world hates you because you belong to Jesus.

James 2:7 says this:

"Aren't they the ones who slander Jesus Christ, whose noble name you bear?"

Slandering Jesus was happening in James' day and it's certainly happening now.

Jesus, and all that He is, and all those who belong to Him are being drugged through the mud by many people today.

This is not a surprise to us.

So this message is a reminder to not be shocked that the world hates you and will continue to hate you. As we approach Jesus' return, the hate will increase.

As the hate increases, keep in mind that it's not so much about you, but Him who is in you.

Jesus said in John 15:18 that the hate is primarily directed at Him:

"If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you."

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, the world hates you.

They hate everything about Me for I do what is right.

They want to live their own way and I told you to lay your lives down. They do not want to submit. And following Me means submitting to Me.

They do not like my ideas and they want to live their own way. Do not give into them. Do not be submerged in their antics and advertisements, but stay away from them as best as you can. They want to brain wash the media to help you follow the one who is a sinner (Satan).

The world will always hate you. There will even be blood in the streets in many more places around the world soon because of Me. People will be beat up because they represent Me and My Name.

Do not be alarmed and do not hate those who are killing and throwing the punches. They do not know what they are doing.

Do not be scared and do not look down on no one.

Listen to Me and look to Me.

Do not be discouraged because people hate you. That won't go away, so why worry about it? You have a Father in heaven who loves you - don't you know?

I care so much about you. Leave the world to its own devices and come to Me. Allow Me to brain wash you with My love and My ideas. It will benefit you a lot and you will feel My peace. Come to Me quickly for I have a lot to say to you - I always do, since you are on My mind constantly.

I love you My people."

~Travis Coffey~