Jesus cares about who you vote for. Does your vote match His agenda?

Jesus cares about who you vote for.

Last night I had a dream in which a relative was voting for a certain presidential candidate. I kept asking her why she was voting for that man. Eventually I said emphatically, "But what about my prophesy on the other candidate? The one who God wants?" Then I woke up.

I don't care much for politics, but God does and He spoke passionately about this dream and people's mindsets on this topic.

Here is what He said:

"I want people to vote for who I want.

Why would I stand back and say "it doesn't matter. Vote for whoever you want"?

Don't you see that I have made it clear. One party supports things that I do not approve of. The other party, although not perfect, is trying to please me with some of their agendas.

Again, not perfect but I have made it clear who to Vote for.

Why aren't you listening? If you're reading this and do not agree, why? Why do you take this lightly? Remember I don't need your vote for I can do all things and I can make a candidate win without ANY votes. I do as I will.

But this election is about you. Who are you voting for?

I'm looking at your heart and your heart matters to me. It's not so much about the election as it is your heart. I want you to understand who I am and even who I support in the elections. Again it's not about a perfect party! There is none! But vote for who I want you to vote for.

It does not make sense to be with me and vote for things that will harm this nation and My people.

Come to Me and listen to Me for I will make it clear for you."

~Travis Coffey~