The Lord has shown me 3 agendas the enemy is trying to accomplish. These 3 things will help bring about the end and Jesus' return.

The Lord has shown me 3 agendas the enemy is trying to accomplish. These 3 things are the enemy's end time agenda.

1. Believe God doesn't exist

  • Demons want more people to believe that God doesn't exist. One way of doing this is by teaching people that Jesus was a real man, but not God.

2. Change DNA so people can't be saved

  • Demons want to have a Nephilim type of situation to occur. See Genesis 6.

3. Group think

  • The internet is a tool the enemy uses to help everyone think alike.

Here is a conversation I had with the Holy Spirit about the enemy's agenda:

Will the enemy bring about their own destruction?

HS: "Yes. Although it is My plan, they want the world to end."


HS: "They live in torment. They don't care. Their plan gives them a tiny bit of hope, so they will follow it."

What kind of hope?

HS: "Their plan involves taking more people to hell with them. That is their hope."

Are demons trying to change people's DNA?

HS: "Many demons live in the lives of people - in their bodies. That isn't enough for them. They want more. They want more people to go to hell with them. That's why they are looking to change the DNA of people so I can't save them. Remember I spilled blood for people, not for mutants."

Why should I post this article?

HS: "My people need to know. They need to know how the end will come about. Of course there is still a lot of info missing and many things first need to be accomplished, but this is the basic info, which is good for My people. Knowledge like this helps them to understand the fiery arrows coming at them. Knowing and understanding their agenda helps to distinguish their arrows. And it is a reminder that I am in control and I am bigger than their lousy '3 part agenda'."

~Travis Coffey~