Sin is the barrier to Jesus. As sin decreases in your life, your relationship with Jesus intensifies.

Sin is the barrier to Jesus.

As sin decreases in your life, your relationship with Jesus intensifies.

The first step to decreasing sin in your life is not focusing on sin. It just does not work. It is like looking for an outlet because your phone has low battery, but you do not have a phone charger. No matter how many outlets you find, your phone will not improve its battery.

Let's run to Him and not to methods to decrease sin.

Jesus, who has power over sin, should be our first step.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My sons and daughters listen to Me for I have many important things I want to say.

First, you need to come to Me. There are many out there who will tell you that you need to be 100% pure and that is true for I desire you to be sinless. However, I want you to value Me first and foremost.

Do not let those teachers drag you into legalism, for you know what that is and what that does to you - makes you sin conscious.

Come to Me and I will clean you and get you to that 100% mark - not teachings, not behaving right, or acting a certain way. It is not about works, but coming to Me and enjoying the relationship I have with you.

I will cleanse you and purify you.

I will make you think differently for I will open your eyes unto all that is True and Good. You will see and experience many great things that will make you appreciate who you are and appreciate being alive on this Earth.

This Earth isn't totally bad - for I am in you as you are in the Earth - now that is pretty good.

Come to Me My people and listen to the words I have for you. Sit at My feet and ask Me questions. Be with Me and listen to My voice for I speak to you with a quiet whisper.

It's more than just dreams - I will speak to you in your bedroom too. Turn your ear unto Me and allow Me to speak to you and to your mind.

I will say many great things to you and you will benefit from My words for they will be about Me and you... it will be personal and personalized for it is just Me and you.

Come to Me all who are weary and I will give you rest.

Rest from the world that teaches you to think sin first before Me.

Come to Me for Peace will come forth and lead you - not sinful thoughts."

~Travis Coffey~