Jesus' call for the Church is to commit fully to Him. In doing so, greater blessings and miracles will occur. 

The Holy Spirit led me to Genesis 4:19 which says:

"Then Lamech took for himself two wives: the name of one was Adah, and the name of the second was Zillah."

From this, the Holy Spirit talked about the condition of the Church. Many churches, but not all, are married to "two people." They love Jesus, yet they love the world too.

Jesus' call for the Church, in regards to church services, is to stop worldly things and commit fully to Him. In doing so, greater blessings and miracles will occur.

The Holy Spirit adds:

"My people, who I love very much. 

Come to Me and be with Me for you are My children. I care so much for you, for I watch your every move. I care for your souls My children.

The world is becoming increasingly popular as many more want to be like the others. 

It has come into the church and many churches are acting like the world. 

I love these churches, for I love My people and they love Me, but I do not like how they try to assimilate with the world. I am not like anyone else. No one is like Me. So why try to have church like the world? 

Why try to be like everyone else? Don't you know I am the Lord your God and I set you apart to be different? I made you to be different? Why are you acting like everyone else? 

Church services should be all about Me - not about the speaker, or the teaching, or the music, or the coffee. Let's get focused on Me, My people, for that is when you see the real miracles occur and that is when I reveal Myself greatly. 

Trying to be like others means you don't know who you are - your identity. 

It saddens Me. I am not scolding My churches right now, but I am saddened by the fact that church is a mere game to many and not a place where the sick get healed and My presence is made known and even manifested. 

Enough of acting like you know it all and your church is the "right way." There is no right way - I am the right way!

Follow Me, not some church service. Put Me first and all will go well. You will see Me clearly and I will lift you up for you will become stronger in your identity.

I love you all. Come to Me for I have good news to share with you."

~Travis Coffey~