Jesus wants people to see Him clearly. When they see Him clearly, they live the way He wants them to live.

John 21:4 "Early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus." (NIV)

Jesus wants people to see Him clearly.

Jesus often uses coincidences or patterns in your life to get your attention.

For example, in the last few days I had three homosexual men approach me. In addition, I had an older couple talk to me about one of the men and how odd it was that he was wearing a skirt and makeup.

This was not a coincidence that all of this happened within two or three days. God was using this to get my attention.

God is trying  to get your attention too. I heard this man say yesterday, "I see the number '3' all the time... even the last item I bought was $33.73."

This man may not realize it, but God is using this pattern or coincidence of '3' to get his attention.

Open your eyes for God is speaking to you daily! There is no such thing as a coincidence - it's God!

God used the homosexual men in my life to help me understand how He judges people and how I am suppose to view other people. I brought this coincidence to God and He taught me. He had to change some of my negative mindsets and turn them into Godly beliefs. I see people in a more loving way since that coincidence incident because my beliefs are aligning more with His.

God is helping you to become more like Him as well.

So keep your eyes open during your daily routine and watch for what God does in your life. If a pattern or coincidence happens, bring it to God. Ask Him what it is about and ask Him to give you understanding.

Again, God is helping you become more like Him, so He is working on your behavior, mindsets, faith, love, and more. The goal of God growing you is so you may live right and see Him more clearly.

The Holy Spirit says:

"Yes My people this is true. Listen to what he has to say for it is right. I am speaking to you daily just as I spoke to Moses and many of My other people!

I speak, so listen.

I have important things to say.

I know you are busy in your everyday lives - I understand. I am not blind. I know you are busy and working hard.

In your working hard, open your eyes for I am here and I am watching you. I am teaching you and helping you understand who I am. I am shaping you for I am the potter and you are the clay.

Watch for I speak to you often.

Bring it to Me and I will verify if it is from Me and I will help you in what to do next.

Come quickly to Me for I love you greatly and watch in your everyday life for I am with you and I am speaking to you."

~Travis Coffey~