One of the most powerful verses, if not the most powerful verse in the entire Bible, is John 17:3.

One of the most powerful verses, if not the most powerful verse in the entire Bible, is John 17:3. It says:

"And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."

The focus of this verse is about knowing Jesus which means things like: having a personal relationship with Him, being intimate with Him, and seeking Him with all of your heart and mind.

For today's word from Jesus, He speaks about how He is watching those who are seeking after Him and He will reward those who are trying to know Him.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people are hurting for they do not know Me.

I am their Lord their God and I care very much for them. 

They are lost, not all, but many. They don't understand how much I do for them and how much I love them. I care for them so greatly and they are My sheep - My love. 

I want to bless My children and hold them tight for I think about them daily, but many do not know that or believe that. They are so caught up in their daily lives that they forget about Me and all who I am and all that I do for them.

I care so much for My people.

I love them greatly. They "warm My heart" per say.

I am going to bless My children like never before, but I am going to be more choosy- for I want to really bless those who know Me and who are running after Me. Not those who call me their Father, but live however they want.

I will blow their minds and open their eyes to see ME and My glory.  I will reward them for their due diligence in coming to Me and being with Me.

It is not difficult - I am not asking you to read your bibles 5 hours a day. I am asking you to be with Me. I care more for you than you may realize. Believe that! Receive My love for you! It will change your mind and your perspective and you will receive more from Me than you thought possible when you see Me clearly.

Open your eyes to Me for great things are about to pour down on My children during these last days.

Go be with Me and talk to Me intimately - not as if I can't hear you or don't know you - but speak to Me like a brother or a parent - in a sense that you have known Me for a very long time and you want to be with Me.

I am listening to you. I am hearing your pleading and your crying. I am listening to every word from your mouth!

Now listen to mine for I am speaking great things to you!"

~Travis Coffey~