Knowing what will occur will help you hear Jesus' voice and His guidance for your life.

Time is moving quicker as things are happening at a faster pace.

Many hear "the last days are here" and roll their eyes for they have heard it a thousand times. However, the end times are actually here and will sneak up on many.

Those who take heed will benefit greatly.

Knowing what will occur will help you prepare, reduce shock and fear when it actually occurs, and will help you hear Jesus' voice and guidance.

Here are some quick notes on some of the many things that will take place:

1. Vaccines will be pushed by the media and most countries.

2. The Antichrist will support vaccines and the gay agenda.

3. The world is like a theater play and the Antichrist is ready for his act. He has not been revealed yet, but will be soon.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, this is not a joke. The Antichrist is soon to arrive for I have talked about it many times with many people and through many people.

The world is traveling fast for things are coming to an end quickly.

The Antichrist will push his agenda (Satan's) and he will allow people to "become who they are." He will sell them fake news and hope.

My people, it is never about you but always about Me and Me in you. The Antichrist will make life all about you and have nothing to do with Me.

Be aware My people.

The vaccine is coming soon and this is not a good one. It will cause much harm to many people.

Be aware for it is in the world, but hasn't been fully updated and activated yet - it is still in the beginning stages.

Many things are happening My people and time is moving quickly.

Come to Me all who are feeling burdened so I can give you rest. I care so much for you and I want to help you navigate your life for you are not alone! I am here and I care for you. Allow Me to help you and encourage you. You need it!

I love you My people."

~Travis Coffey~