Jesus loves His people. He provides for them and encourages. He heals them and guides them.

In today's message, Jesus has many things to say to help His people understand who He is and what He wants.

The Holy Spirit says:

"Be ready My people for a time is coming that won't be like any other. I am here with you and I care very much for you. It will be a great day when I return for I am returning in My glory. People love Me and I will set up another throne for that is what I do and who I am - A KING!

I can't wait to completely heal My people and deliver them from darkness.

I want people to know Me and seek Me for who I am.

I care so much for every single child, man, and woman. I think about each one every single day and every single moment.

I am looking to shape hearts and direct people into My heart, who's heart is full of love for them.

I am shaping them... I am putting barriers in your way at times in order to make your path come to Me. I am also re-arranging things in your life, so it will fit better with the plan of you coming to Me.

For those who are with Me, I am rewarding you and blessing you more than you know and will continue to do so.

Remember that I can heal people's bodies. Many people from Me do not believe that I can fully heal or that I heal others but not them.

They pray for healing, but do not really believe or become discouraged. They want Me to heal them but they get mad when it doesn't happen.

Listen My people -am I not a healer? I AM a healer. That is what I do. I can heal anyone at any time. In fact, I will heal many who read this.

It is not hard for Me to heal and I enjoy doing it. I want My people to live in freedom and with joy, for I came to give life more abundantly - I want My people to enjoy a fuller life with Me - including being healed of sicknesses and diseases.

I enjoy My people and I need them to understand that.

Be patient with Me and trust Me always. Don't rush Me or tell Me what to do. Praise Me for who I am and what I am doing and what I will do. I will heal you if you believe.

I want you to believe My people. I don't want to reward you for no faith - but with great faith - watch out for I will do many great things you haven't seen or even heard of.

Watch what I do for I am a great and spectacular God and I will do many amazing things for I have no bounds. No one is like Me and I can do all things. No one stops Me and tells me 'no.' I will do many great and wonderful things in the lives of My people, but I want them to believe.

When you hear a prophecy, I want you to come to Me. Once I approve it, I want you to believe. It is a 2 part process! Come to Me first and then believe. Then, I want you to pray for your eyes to open up for I will show you what the prophecy is saying.

Watch, for many things are happening around you and many prophecies are being fulfilled. Many things are coming to light and I am overturning the darkness. Great things are happening - both good and bad.

Listen to prophets, but FIRST listen to Me then prophets later. And always come to Me for I will tell you what is good and true first. Prophets help communicate My voice - remember that. Do not give them a hard time, but allow them to speak. Many speak good things and it isn't all bad. For those who speak lies, let them be. I will deal with them later - if I haven't already.

Now come to Me people and really be with Me. Sit with Me. Even have a coffee and listen to Me - I don't mind. I don't mind your company - I love it. I love you and I want to be with you forever. Tell Me what is on your heart and your mind and I will tell you what's on Mine.

I love you all. Now come be with Me - your Father."

~Travis Coffey~