Many changes are happening during these end times. As these changes occur, Jesus has a plan and He is rallying His troops!

Many changes are happening during these end times. As these changes occur, Jesus has a plan and He is rallying His troops!

Here are two of the things Jesus wants:

1. Home Worship

2. Greater power in believers

The Holy Spirit talks about this in depth here:

"My people, a time is coming when I need you to be ready and on guard.

Have your weapon in your hand like a soldier and be ready to fight. Be ready to fight for Me and lean on Me. I am not talking about weapons as in actual weapons or in defense from your enemy's but in preparedness for what I want to do in you.

Listen My people, I am going to be shinning my light in you and through you in greater strength.

You are in the minority as many people on this Earth do not believe in Me and have no intention of being with Me. My people have always been in the minority and will continue to be the minority for quite some time.

But do not worry. This shouldn't make you afraid. You will see more evil occur in the land but again, do not worry. Come to me and I will guard you and keep you safe. I will also show My glory to you and will use you mightily. Those who seek Me and really believe in Me and My power will see greater works of heaven in their lives.

Watch what I do! I will do great and mighty things.

Those who believe in the supernatural will be used in the supernatural. They will see many great things happen and things they have only dreamed of. But those who do not believe in the supernatural will not see that power.

Listen for I am speaking very clear. I want My people to believe in My power and "supernatural" workings. I will heal many and do many other great things. Those who commit to Me and believe in those types of things will see great miracles on My time.

Now, My people this world is having troubles. Even some churches are struggling to worship Me. They gather and sing songs to Me but their hearts are far from Me. There are many things missing and they are doing more harm than good.

For those who attend weak churches, I want you to come to Me and talk to Me about what you should do. You should note that I am moving many of My people into homes to have fellowship with other believers inside one another's home. I want communion and things to occur there. Having church at home is going to prove to be very critical and essential. I will bless those homes and those who attend.

Watch out for the churches who are weak. I am not throwing My fist at them, but I am warning you. I am working on them and how they manage their church, but in the meantime, meet in homes. Again, it is for those who currently attend weak churches.

Don't know what to do? Come to Me. I will lead you and guide you for I know what to do and where you should go. I know if you should host the "church parties" or if you should attend another. I know what you ought to do.

Seek Me and My direction and believe that I will tell you and guide you.  I will do many great things for those who listen to Me.

And remember, My voice can be very loud and clear - but wait on Me and I will deliver - I will speak to you My people for I love you very much.

Now My people, be with Me My people and watch what I do for many great things will happen in these coming days.

I am developing a strong army who will fight Satan and his demons. He is looking to attack all people and all believers. They want to destroy the minds of all and are planning to do so.

As I reveal more information about this, stay tuned. Stay with Me and develop yourself by spending time with Me. I will teach you who you are, how to think, how to act and behave, and how to forgive yourself for past issues, and much more. I will help you live the life you are designed to live.

I love you My people. Thank you for listening. I love you."

NOTE: This is not a complete and final plan. There are many more things Jesus is planning and doing. This message is designed to highlight two, of many, things He is wanting for His followers.

~Travis Coffey~