Jesus wants His people to live an abundant life... To live life to the fullest.

Jesus has a warning for the church: Bad times are ahead! But as we approach the finish line, we are to enjoy our lives as best as we can now.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, I want you to enjoy this time now for this decade will be a tough one.

Many great things will happen within the next 10 years and I want you to be prepared. But first, get prepared by spending time with your family. Enjoy your family. Be with them. Encourage them. Love them. Pray for them. Love the ones you love.

I mean, I want you to really focus on those close to you and enjoy the time you have with them. The end is near and many bad things will occur. This will be a decade of turmoil for the antichrist is soon to appear.

I want you to cherish the moments you have now.

Soon, there will be little time for such moments and a lot of time fighting. Fighting for your job, your life, your health, and even your sanity. This is not to harm you and not all will experience horrific things, but many will wish to be with Me in heaven.

Listen My friends. The enemy is coming and he is looking to destroy. He wants to kill you and take you out. He wants nothing good for you and never will.

The end is near and I want you to enjoy what you have now for in a few years, for some, it will look much different.

Wars are coming, the vaccines are coming, and hope is coming for all these things lead to My return.

Get ready My friends. Enjoy what you have now.

Do no worry about what will occur for I am here and I am with you. Remember, it is more important to be spiritually rich than physically rich. Do not get attached to material things for soon they will be a commodity.

Take care My friends. I love you very much."

~Travis Coffey~