The end times are here, which means preparing for Jesus' return. What does this look like?

The end times are here and that means preparing for Jesus' return. What does this look like?

  • Taking money out of the bank?
  • Reading the Bible more?
  • Stocking up on food?
  • Going to church more often?
  • Listening to more preachers on YouTube?

Here are three ways we can prepare for Jesus' return:

1. Stop Sinning

The less we sin, the more Jesus can guide, speak, move in our life. As sin decreases, His power in our lives increase.

2. Worship

This is more than just reading the Bible and singing songs. It means to put God first. King David would often inquire of the Lord about what he should do. He would ask God, "Should I fight this battle?" or "Should I go to this city?" among other similar things. Likewise, God is wanting us to do the same. Ask Jesus questions, be with Him, and center your mind on Him.

3. Faith

Jesus wants us to use this time to grow in our faith. Believe that God can do the impossible. About the topic the Holy Spirit said emphatically, "How can they be ready if they don't believe anything I say?"

Jesus says:

"My sons and My daughters.

I am here with you for that never changes. I am always with you and always by your side. I don't leave you as many of you don't leave Me.

I am proud of you and your love for Me encourages Me (meaning He feels loved). I am proud of you all for you know Me and listen to Me and love Me. I greatly appreciate your love for Me and I want nothing, but great success for you for you are My sons and My daughters.

Now listen to Me, for although I am highly satisfied with you, I want you to get ready - to get prepared. Tough times are ahead for the enemy is planning a large assault on My people and on the world. It will result in many being deceived. I want you to get ready, but doing the things above. I gave the prophet these notes, so please read them as if they were My voice.

Now come to Me and be with Me. It is good for you and I enjoy it.

I love you all.

- Jesus"

Note: Jesus said "your love for Me encourages Me." To clarify, Jesus is expressing His love. God does not need encouraged, for He is already encouraged. People cannot make Him encouraged or more encouraged. He often says this type of thing as a way to relate to us or as a way to express His love.

~Travis Coffey~