A new church is going to arise. Great things will come from this and many leaders will arise.

Twice, the Lord has brought up home-church worship services to me. This time, He explained it in greater detail (although not in full). He also gave me pictures in my mind to help me understand and see what the "new" church is going to look like.

The New Church:

There will be new government regulations that churches will have a hard time following. They won't be able to keep up with the government demands.

As a result, Jesus will be raising up home-churches and home-church pastors.

Some will be small - a few people in a small, cozy living room of a house.

Others will be large - at someones large home whom the Lord has blessed financially.

I saw outdoor seating in a beautiful backyard - almost like a small wedding was about to occur, but instead of a wedding, it was a church. I saw homeowners putting a lot of effort and attention into this weekly gathering and loving it. I got a sense that this new way of doing church for the homeowners was exciting because they were fostering a strong and fun community, while they were making a significant difference in God's kingdom.

The Holy Spirit adds:

"My children, I am here with you.

There will be changes that will happen, but I am here with you. You won't like the new changes for it will force you to do things differently and even worship in a different way.

They are coming for My church, My people. They want to harm you and suppress you. They are looking to take your voice away, so you become like everyone else. They don't want your opinions blasted on high, but they want you to follow suit.

But be with Me, My people. I will guide you and direct you.

I will allow some churches to thrive, but for the other ones, I will have them disperse. They will meet in different locations - many of them in homes and some in parks. I will be there and My presence will hover over their worship of Me.

I will bring a fresh anointing over many new churches. I will bless them greatly and honor their celebrations of Me. I will do many great things at these homes for they welcome My people in and make them feel safe.

Great things will happen and many leaders will arise.

A new church is coming and I will bless it greatly."

~Travis Coffey~