The Holy Spirit gave me 5 people in which He will heal. He is doing this to display His power and to bring healing to His children.

Below are 5 words for 5 different people.

The Holy Spirit had me write these words for people, so His power could be on display. Jesus wants to remind us that He is not weak, but able. He is strong, mighty, and can do all things. Nothing is too hard for Him and He always wins. He always thinks right and acts right. He can do the impossible for He has power.

In addition to His power being on display, the purpose of this is God wants to bring healing. He also wants people to realize that He truly knows them and values them. This is why He will give some specific details in His Words.

Note: I asked the Holy Spirit to give the names of these 5 people, but He would not. Instead, He gave information about where they live and some details about their lives.


This person lives in a large white home and has a blue door and is currently experiencing snow.

This person has been dealing with a back problem since they were a child.

God will heal this person's back.


This person lives on the west coast in the United States. Like the Arizona/California area.

This person has been dealing with depression and anxiety, but mainly depression. They do not know the severity of their issue for it is causing much harm - more than they know. God will break the demonic thoughts in their head and will set him or her free.

3. ARM

This person lives in Europe and is known for their business that they own and work in.

This person got into a car accident at the age of 17 and hasn't been the same since. There is a particular bone (near the elbow region) that is in need of healing. God will heal the bone completely.


This person has been on this site before and has received much hope from God's words. They are a very animated person, who is known for their love of dogs.

This person suffered an accident and the spine is a mess as a result. God will heal this person's spine, but he asks this person to have faith - to believe God will do it.


This person is from Canada and has two large dogs. God wakes this person up every night to speak to them.

Legs are not fully healthy - in particular it is the right knee. The right knee cannot fully heal because the person cannot walk properly. Not only will God heal the right knee, but both legs.

~Travis Coffey~