God doesn't reject His people. Instead, He blesses and honors those who sit at His feet.

Jesus is coming back for His people.

And He wants to remind us that He does not reject or abandon His people. That is not His nature! He blesses and honors His followers.

As we wait upon the Lord's return, Jesus will bless those who get fed from Him. This means being with Him, sitting with Him, listening to Him, and learning from Him.

After Jesus' return, there will be a party for all believers who followed God.. for the world tried to pull them away, yet they stayed committed to Jesus. So, if you are a believer, you will be rewarded!

The Holy Spirit adds:

"I am coming soon - meaning, this generation.

Watch as I put things into action. I am coming back for My people.

My people will not be lost or abandoned. I will not lose you to the enemy.

Stay with Me and repent daily.

Come to Me and be with Me and watch as I move the power of God in your life. I am greatly pleased with you. Come My people. It is time to get serious about Me and all things about who I am."

~Travis Coffey~