God has a plan for your life and He wants to reveal it to you!

God has a plan for all.

He has two types of plan: General and specific.

1) General - This is for everyone and it includes a plan which involves you seeking Him, praying to Him, worshiping Him, etc.

2) Specific - This plan is only for you. No one has ever had your life plan and no one ever will. It is only for you. For example, a specific plan for someone might look like: getting married, raising 3 kids, and leading their father to the Lord.

God wants to reveal His specific plan for your life to you.

Side Note: God typically reveals specific plans to the individual person.. rarely through others, but it does happen.

Again, God wants to reveal His plan to you!

Seek Him in this hour for He will do so.

Once you receive it, begin taking steps, so you may be able to carry out God's plan for your life.

The beginning steps may be, repenting, stop sinning, seeking pastor's counsel, forgiving yourself and others, or reading scripture more, among many other things.

If God wants you to be a missionary, He may not want you to jump on a plane tomorrow to a third world country. So, take the beginning steps with great care.

Ask Him what His plan is for your life and take the beginning steps, so the Holy Spirit may work in and through your life to help you carry out God's plan.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, My sons and daughters, listen for what I have to say.

A time is coming when the world will look much different.

I want you to know what you are going to do now. I will not hold the future from you. I will share with you a glimpse of what I want you to do.

For some, this is not going to seem "big" and for others, I will change your life drastically.

This all depends, for this is all individual... your plan will not look like someone else's.

Do not have a plan in your mind of what you want, but what I want. Come to Me and ask Me.

Then be vigilant and watch for I will speak and show you what I want. I will prep you and get you ready.

The end is coming and I have very important things for you.

Now, come be with Me for I love you very much."

~Travis Coffey~