Jesus speaks all the time. His voice is always right, good, and true.

Jesus speaks all the time. He is not quiet or reserved. He has many things to say to His people for He is Lord and in control. His voice is always right, good, and true.

And you have the ability to experience it.

Recently, I had someone email me saying, "I hear horse footsteps... and the Holy Spirit's voice saying, 'Change is coming.'"

One week later, I had a change in my job.

I am thankful this man of God was listening to the Holy Spirit's voice for it allowed me to prepare and align more with what Jesus was trying to accomplish in my life.

What is Jesus speaking to you?

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, it is time to really listen to Me. For time is running short and I have many things I want you to do and become.

I have many plans for you and these plans will prosper you and help you.

The world is going to experience great travesties soon and I want you to be ready. I want you to evangelize and be with Me. I want you to be protected and secured within My arms.

I want many things for you, but you can't just go to church and call yourself a believer. You need to come to Me and be with Me. Listen for My voice for I speak and speak often.

I want great things for you and I want you to believe what I believe. Why don't you do that? I would not be speaking this if more people were doing this.

Come to Me and stop playing games. This is serious - even life or death - for some of you.

Seek Me and you will find Me for that is what I say.

Listen for I am speaking and it is good things. I am waiting for you."

~Travis Coffey~