Jesus is King. We know this because Ephesians 4:6 says God "is above all."

Jesus is King. We know this because Ephesians 4:6 says God "is above all."

Not only is He King, but He is good.

There is no one like Him for He loves you completely.

Jesus knows ALL of you, and loves you completely. He doesn't reject you.. doesn't think you're weird or weak, but instead He loves to be with you. He enjoys you. He enjoys spending time with you and hearing from you.

Jesus is a great God for He sacrificed His life for you. He is overwhelmed with joy at the thought of you.

Jesus is pure, strong, mighty, and can change your heart and your mind. He can change your situation. He is where your hope comes from!

And in Jesus, He can free you. Whatever traps you, He can untangle you and free you.

His strength is mighty and there is not an ounce of weakness in Him.

All He does is win. He is victorious and cannot lose. He fights for you and wins battles for you. You worship a God who will never lose for eternity.

Jesus is greater than all and no one is a close second. He is the best and deserves all worship.

Jesus is handsome and looks better than any human or angel. His eyes are like a beautiful fire and His hair is bright white and clean like wool. His beauty will leave you breathless for it is better than any landscape on Earth.

Jesus is so intelligent that not even Solomon, the wisest man, could compete with His intelligence. He knows what you should do, where you should go, and how you should do it.

Jesus has power. He can make a universe by just speaking it. In fact, He does not even lift a finger to do work unless He wants to. His power is in you through the Holy Spirit and you cannot lose.

And Jesus has the ability to see all that is going on in the world and He can judge it perfectly. He will pay you back for all the wrongs the Devil did to you. He will judge you rightly for His blood over you.

This is Jesus. This is the King you serve.

~Travis Coffey~