As media giants and governments increase in power over their people, Jesus is calling His people to live deeply connected with His Spirit.

I recently read an article that explained how persecution of Christians had gone up 60% over the past year.

As the media giants and governments across the globe grow in their dominion of what people should do, say, and see, Christians will have to really connect with the Holy Spirit more than ever before.

This should always be done, but it is now more of a focus since Christianity is becoming even less appealing to the masses.

In the coming days, when churches will be burned, Bibles banned, Christianity forbidden, and many other antiChrist agendas appear, Christians will want a good relational foundation they can have with Christ Jesus.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, it is now time to really look within you and come to Me. I am here within you and I want to talk and to lead you.

There are many evil things going on in this world, but I am here. I will guide you and grow you.

Do not be afraid of what the world has in store, for they will attack, but keep a single mind on Me. I will be there for you, like I am right now. Seek Me for I am here and I am listening. I care about your every thought and your every feelings.

Great things happen to those who put aside the things of this world and concentrate on Me and My Holy Spirit. I love you all.

Now, come run to Me for I have many great things to tell you."

~Travis Coffey~