Jesus is revealing the enemy's plan: vaccines. 

Jesus is revealing the enemy's plan: vaccines.

The Holy Spirit and I have written 2 articles pertaining to vaccines and you can find them here:

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2. The Enemy's End Time Agenda

Last night, I had a dream in which I was in a building with no furniture, no carpet, and no seats. This plain concrete building was packed full with people waiting in line to receive their vaccination. I stood in line and was so terrified of receiving the vaccine that I started to cry and paced back and forth in line as doctors in white lab coats were taking the next people in line. I felt like the only one not wanting this medicine, although most had uncertainties. I finally said aloud, "I am not doing this. I cannot do this." As soon as I said this, I began to feel peace. And for confirmation, I heard someone say, "You don't have to."

End of dream.


DNA changing vaccines are coming to this world and there will be strong pressure from many urging all people to take it. However, everyone will have a choice. To take it or not take it?

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, I am here so do not be frightened. The vaccines are being distributed but not in large numbers. It will slowly trickle in. 

Later on, you will see hundreds and then thousands of these vaccines being used on people all over the world. It is not prevalent now but it soon will be. 

I want you to heed this warning and understand what is going on. I have warned you and will continue to warn you. Do not be like those churches who promote the current vaccines, for they are setting themselves up for failure. 

Come to Me and learn from Me. Allow Me to prove this to you. I will show you what the enemy is doing. I don't want to lose anyone to the Devil. So come to Me and be with Me. Great things will happen when you open your eyes up to who I am and what I am about to do. 

Take care My children."

~Travis Coffey~