The election was stolen and Jesus is not pleased. Biden will be like those of Egypt's first born males. 

Truth be told, I do not want to write anymore articles about Donald Trump or the US elections. But when the Spirit speaks, I listen and write. 

Here are 3 things the Lord put on my heart.

1. Jesus will win 

Jesus prophesied to many prophets about Trump winning. He did win, but it was stolen. Jesus is not happy the enemy swooped in and stole the election. 

Why did Jesus want Trump to win? Here is what the Holy Spirit says:

"I had more things I wanted to accomplish through him. I cannot accomplish My full Will through someone who does not respect or obey Me... I can only do so much. Trump was more willingly and open to Me than any presidential candidate (He is referring to Trump vs Democratic candidates). I love Trump, but he is not perfect. However, I could use him and move through him. He was helping Me accomplish certain projects I had planned for this nation."

2. Trump will see victory 

People will see that Jesus' hand is on him.

 3. Jesus will expose darkness

It is not time of final destruction yet. Therefore, Jesus will remove Biden out of office. In 4 years, Biden will not be President. 

Holy Spirit adds:

"Time is running out. My people will prosper and do well. It is not time for Me to come back although time is winding down. I will help those who fear Me. Come to Me for I will show you My power and My glory. This nation will be turned upside down, but I am in charge for I am powerful. Watch as I show My glory and laugh at My enemy."

~Travis Coffey~