Many prophets said Trump would win. So why did Jesus say Trump would win?

Many prophets said Trump would win. In fact, I could not find one prophet who said Biden would win.

Therefore, the Christian body needs answers for there is much confusion and discouragement among prophets and prophecies.

So why did Jesus say Trump would win?

The answer: Trump did win, but the election was stolen. 

If Jesus knew the election would be stolen, why did He have his prophets say Trump would win? 

The answer: Jesus was using this to show the bigger picture - the spiritual climate of the United States.

Why did Jesus want Trump to win?

The answer from the Holy Spirit: "I had more things I wanted to accomplish through him. I cannot accomplish My full Will through someone who does not respect or obey Me... I can only do so much. Trump was more willingly and open to Me than any presidential candidate (He is referring to Trump vs Democratic candidates). I love Trump, but he is not perfect. However, I could use him and move through him. He was helping Me accomplish certain projects I had planned for this nation."

The Holy Spirit also says:

“I had my prophet's prophesy that he would win to get my people involved in the heart of God. I wanted my people to be more heavily involved with my will.

The American people did not live up to My calling. I called them to fast and pray for the nation and they did not do so. Many were faithful to Me in this but many did not care - some even voted for the other man. I wanted Americans to get involved and many did not.

More people outside of America prayed for Trump than people in America.

My people are hurting in America and I'm showing them that - one way, through this election. They failed to repent and come to me. Now they will be suppressed by the enemy who stole the election! People want to blame the prophets for they are afraid to blame ME! I gave those prophets words and they spoke. They were faithful, but those who didn't repent and turn their lives around to help the nation, suffered for they didn't heed My Will.

I am showing America's weakness. For at one time many of my missionaries came from the U.S., but now they are the ones in need of missionaries. America is falling and I'm showing that to them.

Trump won, but it was stolen. I prophesied right, not wrong. There is still much to do and the Trump saga is not over just yet. Bare with me as I uncover more evil.

And do you see how the devil is coming after Trump with the impeachment? He knows that I'm trying to reverse that but he is attacking what I want. My people need to stand in the gap but America is not like it used to be. It's weak and in need of help. Not even Trump could help My nation recover.

It's time to repent and come to me.

I'm still using him and doing things with him, but listen My people for it's now about Me and only Me. Come to Me and listen to Me only. Things will get worse in this country, but I will still show My glory through the pain. I will still win.

Now come to Me and worship Me for I am all that you need.”

~Travis Coffey~