Jesus wants His people to be free of demonic possessions and oppression

The Bible talks more about the Enemy than we often realize. Even Ephesians dedicates a large portion of the book to battling the enemy.

Ephesians 4:27 gives us a simple warning about the enemy. It says:

"and do not give the devil a foothold."

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, it is the Lord your God. Your God of the Heavenlies. I am the God of this world and there is none like Me. When I say something, I want you to do it. And I want you to be free. I want you to rid yourselves of all demons that are in you or coming against.

Be strong My people. Get free and stay free.

There are a lot of you who are overwhelmed and who are struggling with sin. You don't know why it is so difficult to stop, but it is because the enemy has a foothold in your life.

Change your mindset - change your beliefs.

Come to Me, repent, and listen to what I have to say.

Get free and stay free. It is possible to live this way. You can live in My peace and My hope. You can live without fear - for it is possible. Do not think it is not.

Now come to Me with your fears and lay them down. Let me help you with it. I will be speaking to your mind to help you know what to do next. Listen for My voice for it is in your heart and mind. You can hear Me and you can do all that I say to do.

Now come to Me for I am waiting your arrival!"

Note: The Holy Spirit said "I am the God of this world." Yes, the Bible says Satan is the prince of this world - but what Jesus is trying to say is that He is King and greater than Satan who is only a prince.

~Travis Coffey~