Homosexuality is creeping into many more churches today.

Homosexuality is creeping into many more churches today. Therefore, this article serves as a reminder to what Jesus and The Bible says.


1. Homosexuals should be invited to church, but are expected to repent.

2. God will judge pastors and congregations of churches who promote homosexuality.

3. Satan has dominated in this sexual immoral area. And the Church is limping. Jesus is calling His church to be strong - not weak.

4. Jesus can set people free from homosexual behaviors, feelings, and ideas.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, it is time, and has been time, to put an end to this.

I told my people over and over again to get clean. Come to Me and allow Me to renew your minds. But no, many are running away from Me for they do not agree with Me and my stance on homosexuality.

I warn you My friends. Be careful in your promotion of this wicked thing or you could find yourself in a spot far from Me.

Remember, I set people free!"

~Travis Coffey~