Jesus is not asleep at the wheel. He is with you and for you and He will guide you.

Many governments are in bed with the enemy. As a result, they are encouraging people to take the jab. Many are facing termination from a job due to a jab mandate.

This is a reminder to the Believers to seek the Lord on this. Seek Him and trust Him. Do not simply hope that He will do something, but believe He is for you and He will make a way.

The Holy Spirit says:

"Listen My people. I have told you before that this vaccine is not of Me. Do not take it, for I have said no.

They are coming against you, but I will make a way.

Did I not make a way with the Israelites when Pharaoh came after them?

Now leave your doubts and come follow Me. Listen carefully to what I tell you. This is an individual message and not a blanket statement.

Seek Me and I will guide. Listen to Me and I will speak to you. Keep your ears open for I am Lord and I am King. I will speak, so you better listen."

~Travis Coffey~