Spiritual blessings are being added to those who are winning the spiritual warfare battle.

One of the most powerful verses in the Bible is Matthew 21:22. It says:

"And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."

This verse is not complicated. Go to God in prayer, believe in Him and His blessings, and then receive them into your life.
This verse, when practiced, will change your life forever in the best way possible.

But the challenge to this verse is spiritual warfare.

Spiritual warfare is non stop. There are no rests and no breaks.

Jesus, Satan, angels, and demons do not need rest, sleep, or naps because they are spiritual beings. They are active every second of every day. In addition, their mission is important. They are not fighting over trees, mountains, and animals, but they are fighting over human souls. Satan wants to lead people to hell and Jesus wants to lead people into a relationship with Him.

You are in a spiritual warfare battle.

So from the Holy Spirit's guidance, let's take a look into spiritual warfare and what it has to do with prayer and blessings.

1) Spiritual blessings are being robbed from Believers because they are losing the spiritual warfare battle. Many gifts and blessings are being taken from Believers by demons. You cannot believe and receive if the enemy is telling you to fear and doubt.

2) Spiritual blessings are being added to those who are winning the spiritual warfare battle. Remember, God is not withholding gifts and blessings from you. You can have more if you pick up the sword and fight. But if you're not fighting, you're losing.

3) Jesus wants more of your prayers answered. This will happen when you are winning the battle.

4) Surrender to Jesus and He will show you the way. He will show you how to fight and win.

The Holy Spirit says:
"Listen My friends for the time is running short.

Come to Me and surrender.

Do not think you know it all because you have been in church for a long time and you know a lot. Listen to Me for there are things you do not know. There are things in the spiritual realm that I want you to tap into, but you need Me and My guidance.

Come to Me and listen to what I have to tell you. It is individual, not corporate. Speak to Me and listen to Me for I care for you."

~Travis Coffey~