They say cash is king, but soon it won't be.

They say cash is king, but soon it won't be.

Cryptocurrency will be the next big agenda the Devil pushes.

In a recent dream, I saw a coin being thrown into a boiling pot of water. A woman went to grab it, but let the coin go as the water burned her. She took her hand out of the water and I said to her, "I guess the coin is not worth it. We should have left it in there."

Then I was shown a quick news headline saying America and Finland were the latest countries to adopt cryptocurrency as their main form of money.

Then I was shown six flashes going around the world. These flashes were shown in the sky and many people were talking about it.

And that was the end of the dream.

I do not understand the six flashes, but the dream was pretty clear regardless.

Cryptocurrency is going to become a factor in this world.

If the Devil can control your money, he can control you. Unfortunately, this is true for most people and is the reason why he is going to push this agenda.

Be aware for Satan will push this agenda like he did with Netflix and the jab.

And as always, do not fear for Jesus is greater than the Devil. Jesus is your Lord, your Savior, and your Guide.

This article has two purposes.

1) To expose the plans of the enemy.

2) To encourage you to repent.

The Holy Spirit says:
"Listen My people, for it is time to repent.

Put off your old ways of doing things and come to Me and repent.It is not so much about money as it is about who you are aligned with.

Are you coming to Me?

Are you allowing Me to dictate your life?

Are you allowing Me to love you and guide you?

Commit to Me and surrender all to Me. Now is the time. Do not wait, for I care for you a lot."

~Travis Coffey~