The war is brewing as Satan is creating his end time plan.

The war is brewing as Satan is creating his end time plan.

As followers of Jesus, we are to be aware of Satan's schemes.

Therefore, here are 3 things the enemy is developing in their war plan.

1. Fear to manipulate

For example, the jabs. Even many healthy people received the jabs because of fear. The enemy will continue to use fear to manipulate because it is so effective on non Believers.

2. Cryptocurrency

The enemy will be using money to unite people around the globe, but just to use it as a dividing tool later on.

3. Believing nothing is wrong

The enemy wants everyone to think that things are not that bad. In other words, the enemy will continue to desensitize people so that sin seems normal.

There are many schemes Satan is using, but these are just three of the big ones.

This article serves two purposes for followers of Jesus.

One, to be aware of what the enemy is doing so we don't become deceived.

Secondly, to be reminded to be set apart from the world. To think, walk, and talk like Jesus.

The Holy Spirit says:

"My people, it is time to realize what the enemy is doing for those who don't know. Wake up and see that the enemy is deceiving millions upon millions. Many will end up in the lake of fire for they will follow him and not Me.

Turn to Me and repent. Seek My face for I smile upon you. I will comfort you and lift you up for I am proud of you and I enjoy being with you as you are with Me.

See to it that you are setting yourselves apart from the world. Have nothing to do with what the enemy is brewing."

~Travis Coffey~