A few nights ago, I had a dream about the 2020 election in the United States.

A few nights ago, I had a dream about the 2020 election in the United States.

My dream:

I was at the town hall casting my ballot. On the ballot, I voted for Donald Trump, wrote down some personal information, and then had to sign saying I would pay $25 just to vote. That was odd since no one pays to vote. What was more odd is that I realized not everyone had to pay. If someone voted for Joe Biden - they did not have to pay. If someone for Donald Trump - they had to pay.

After this dream, I received understanding from the Holy Spirit.

There are two parts to this dream.

1) This dream is mainly about money. The media will say Trump paid people to vote for him in order to win the election, but that is false.

2) Christians have lost their voice (or has a much weaker voice than in the past). Christians used to have a lot of persuasion in America when it came to political, social, and economic situations. However, the focus is not heavy on what Christians think in today's America.

Jesus wants His people to regain their voice.

This is not done by yelling louder than others, but by coming to Him through prayer and being bold when one ought to be outspoken.

The Holy Spirit adds:

"My people, this is true. You need to hear and understanding. I did not give you a lot of clarity on #2 but that is okay.

Listen to Me and respond and obey.

I want you to stay strong for there are forces coming against you. Forces trying to silence your voice and make you seem like you are almost nothing. I will not let that happen for I love you greatly.

I want to see you prosper and do well.

Speak upon the important things that I have put into your heart. I put it there for a reason - now use it.

Thank you My people. I love you."

~Travis Coffey~