The LORD will often give me glimpses into the future to showcase what He will do or what the enemy is planning.

The LORD will often give me glimpses into the future to showcase what He will do or what the enemy is planning.

This helps Christians to get ready and prepare for what God wants them to do, but today's message is different. It's less about the bad that will occur and more about what's good - your relationship with Christ.

The Holy Spirit lead me to this verse:

"And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are on," John 17:22.

Then The Holy Spirit spoke these words:

"I have come so we may be one. I want to be one with you. One in accord with you on how you think and how you act and how you believe and how you live.

I want you to be like Me.

I died so I could move My Spirit inside you and we could be one. But you have to live by My Spirit, not live however you want and check in on Me once in a while.

Nope, live by Me and for Me and with Me. Life is all about Me. This isn't hard, but it does take some work.

Get out of comfort zone a little and lay down anything in your life that doesn't have to do with me.

What are you worshiping?

Stop worshiping it. Family, friends, sports... all of that stuff is good, but its not God.

Worship God... Worship Me. For I love your praise and worship.

People don't understand how good I AM and that is why many don't turn to Me and why there are so many weak Christians.

They don't see that I AM good and they turn to idols and things that make them distracted from Me. Satan baits them because he knows they are not totally devoted to Me and sadly, many of the baits work.

I AM not mad about this, but sad. I want to see My People come to Me and really know Me.

I have a great heart for you. I cry over you and weep. I smile at you and laugh at your jokes. I lift you up and tell you that you're pretty. I speak about you when I'm talking to My angels. I really enjoy you for I have made you.

Your personality didn't come from you.

Your mind and how you think didn't come from you.

Your humor didn't come from you.

Your seriousness or smartness didn't come from you.

Your playfulness didn't come from you.

You see My People, everything is about Me. I have created you and I enjoy you - more than you know!

This prophet of mine is not to expose every little detail on the end times, for there is a lot, like trying to count all the cracks on a sidewalk.

All details won't be flushed out through him, but I will make many things known and I will talk to you about coming to Me.

If you get that right - coming to Me and knowing Me - you will be far better off than anything you have ever done or known.

I know your heart and your mind and I know what's best for you. Your heart's home is in Me. Your soul and spirit want to rest with Me.

When you really find Me and rest in Me - heaven seems near, God seems like He is in your room, and the Holy Spirit in you feels more real and alive than ever before.

Listen to The LORD your God for I AM speaking mightily and clear so you may know Me and see Me clearly. Come to Me and submit to Me.

Bury your old life and the garbage that came with it. You are a new creation in Me! Rejoice for I will do great and mighty things in your life!"

~ Travis Coffey