Jesus does not want His People worshiping prophecies, for prophecies are a signpost to God.

Do not discredit prophecies though... when you hear a prophecy, whether personal or global, rejoice for they are very good things.

The LORD led me to Isaiah 42:10 to talk about this in greater detail:

"Sing unto The LORD a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein; the isles, and the inhabitants thereof."

From this verse The Holy Spirit says:

"My People, listen to what The LORD your God has to say.

I want you to praise Me and to really praise Me during these last days.

When you hear a prophecy, rejoice, but don't stop there... sing to Me and praise Me. For the prophecy is about ME, not as much as what is about to happen.

I AM greater than the seals, I AM greater than the enemy's defenses, I AM greater than what is about to occur.

Seek Me and find Me during these end times.

Come to Me and bow down and worship for I AM doing great and mighty things today and will continue to do even more as these last days are approaching.

I AM excited about what is to come.

But in the meanwhile, come to Me and worship Me.

When you hear of news, whether good or bad, come to Me and talk to Me about it. Remember, the news you hear is not greater than Me.

If it is good - come to Me and ask if it is true.

If it is bad - do not lower your head, but come to Me and ask Me if that will indeed happen.

Put Me first and your view of the end times will become more clearer.

I AM with you and always with you. Seek Me and I will reward you greatly!"

~ Travis Coffey