God is like an alarm clock. His Purpose is to wake up those who are sleeping - like those traveling in a dark sinful tunnel with no Light of God.

In my last prophetic article, "Corona Virus Created By Politicians", God spoke about man's purpose of creating the virus.

This time, it is about Jesus' Purpose for the virus.

God is like an alarm clock. His Purpose is to wake up those who are sleeping - kike those traveling in a dark sinful tunnel with no Light of God.

Simply, many people have the same daily routine, but with little to no thought of God.

Since Jesus is a Jealous God, He wants all people's attention.

God allowed the Corona Virus to happen, to punch a hole in the dark tunnel of people's lives in order to bring His Light.

2 Chronicles 7:14 explains God's purpose of the Corona virus in greater detail:

"If My People, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

And The Holy Spirit says:

"My dear Children, listen to The LORD your God. I AM here with you to help you and to guide you. I want to see you do well and succeed.

Don't you know that the Corona was created by the enemy? Don't you know that I take all things and make them favorable for Me - even if the enemy starts it?

Don't be foolish or ignorant My People. Listen to Me for you will get a better perspective.

Don't cross your arms in disbelief or blame the enemy in disgust. But look - I AM The LORD your God and I have a purpose for this virus.

This is an alarm clock for I AM waking up My Saints and those who want to know Me, but don't currently believe.

This is a great time to find Me and rejoice in Me.

Yes, many people died because of this virus, but many found Me as well!

Yes, I care for the lives who were lost, but I care for those who grew in their faith or found Me as a result of this virus.

This virus is not Plan A for how I want to bring people to repentance, but it is a good plan for I made it good.

I bring people to repentance through My goodness (see Romans 2:4), but I can also bring people to Me through the enemy's plans.

Don't you see that I take bad things and make them good?

Don't you see that the enemy has nothing on Me? They try to do bad and I can still bring goodness from it.

I can do all things and nothing is hard for Me. I will use any and all situations to bring people to Me so they may experience Me and the goodness that follows.

I AM a good and loving God who loves to bless His People. Don't you see why it is good for Me to draw people towards repentance?

I AM a good God. And although this is not a good virus, it has done much good for I worked mightily in this virus.

If you disagree or have any fear in regards to this virus, then you have the wrong perspective.

This virus was created by the enemy, but I used it for good.

There will be people who will live with Me forever in eternity because of the Corona virus.

Do you understand? I made this message clear for you My children.

Now come to Me and allow Me to love on you."

~ Travis Coffey