You identify with God when you become His 'son' or His 'daughter' like this verse shows.

"The king proclaims the LORD's decree: "The LORD said to me, 'You are my son. Today I have become your Father," Psalm 2:7 NLT.

You identify with God when you become His 'son' or His 'daughter' like this verse shows.

Jesus wants His People to identify with Him, and it is one of the most important things you can do - to live as the person God created you to be.

When you live as a son or daughter of God, you get to walk with God. Thus, your quality of life improve.

Everything your heart wants is found in Jesus. So, be one with Jesus and identify with Him as you are in Him and He in you.

When you do this, your negative feelings will decrease, such as depression, guilt, condemnation, anxiety, frustration, and sinful desires.

In addition, Godly feelings will increase such as hope, peace, love, patience, confidence, gentleness, and so forth.

How do you find your identity in Christ?

  1. Accept Jesus and His thoughts towards you.
  2. Believe what Jesus wants you to believe.
  3. Think like Jesus.

Notice how those 3 are not something you really 'do' but it's something you 'believe.'

Living out your identity as Jesus intended, is not something you do, but someone you become.

You become the person God called you to be through faith.

Again, when you do 1, 2, and 3 (Accept, Believe, and Think) then you life changes from the inside out - not the opposite! It is about faith, not works.

God truly loves you. He values you. He cares for you. He is not mad at you or discouraged with you.

He isn't waiting for you to fail in order to pick you back up again. He is not yelling at you or embarrassed by you.

He is rewarding you and encouraging you. He is telling you, "Great job! Keep going."

He is proud of who you are and who you are becoming. He is so excited to be with you even in your imperfections.

God is so in love with you that He smiles at you constantly and laughs at your jokes.

He is so good to you and wants to bless you more than you can even possibly believe or think of.

Do you believe this?

Accept Jesus and believe what He thinks about you. Your thoughts will start to become His thoughts as your learn to live and love how He intended.

~ Travis Coffey